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The Burgh Bears Board

2023 year

Michael Reiss


This position is to oversee the other positions on the board, runs the membership meetings, has the responsibility to act within the best interest of the club, and to act as one of the club's leading representatives.

Devin Booker

Vice President / Membership

Responsible to oversee the club in the same fashion as the President should s/he can't serve. Is responsible with club growth, membership, and directly oversees the Bears at Large.

Marcus Knopsnider

Secretary/ Web/ IT

Responsible for records keeping of all Club communications, meeting notes, statistical data, history, and bylaws.

Mark Hopkinson Jr.


Has the responsibilities of keeping track of all club finances, membership dues, and works with the VP to maintain the accuracy of the membership rosters.

Dennis Myers

Social Events Director

Works closely with the board to stage, coordinate, advertise, and execute all events.

Currently a shared position among current Board Members

Fundraising Director

Reaches out to the community for purposes of fundraising for the club and its charity. Primary contact with the chosen charity of the year.

Andy Nunn & Kyle James

Bears At Large

These two have the responsibility to keep a close relationship with the membership and act as the sounding board for feedback. Also keeps a close eye on member's Birthdays.

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