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July'21 Membership Meeting Minutes

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

July 13th, 2021

Attendance: (@Brewers)

John Morgan, Andrea Bennardi, Kurt Sill, Kyle James, Mark Hopkinson, Jr., Jordan Smithson, Ben Keeler, Mike Barnes-Reiss, Chip Barnes-Reiss, Troy Wilder, Justin Steele, Bob Holland

Monthly Recap:


Membership Numbers:

7 founding

54 current

1 renewal for July

8 expire in July

Bear at Large:

July Birthdays:

7/5 Dennis Myers

7/8 Kurt Sill

7/10 Taylor Woolford

7/11 Kammi Gallagher



Official: 62 Members

Public: 970 Members






Mark went over funds during the meeting.

Other business: A Member commented on changes to event locations without any input from membership before changes were made.

Social Events


July 21th: Bears Eat @ 5801 - 7:30 pm

July 24th: Bar Night @ P Town - 9 pm to close

July 30th: Bear Bar Drag Night (Brewers)

  • Fundraiser for Persad Center

  • Drag queens; Krystal Klear hosting, Brittany Cheers, Leia Way LeStat

Upcoming events:

  • Aug: Bears Do Kennywood!

  • Sept: Renaissance Fair and Labor Day picnic

Tee shirt contest

  • Win by default - One submission by Michael Riess


Facebook Fundraiser: +$25.00 total $270.00

Randy Sams won the passes for Camp Davis

Vice-Presidential Report:

Continue to grow and promote. We as the board continue to recruit by positive interactions and being seen in the community.

Presidential Report:

I’m on vacation.

**Open discussion**

  • Look at downtown to have dinners, i.e., City Works.

  • Communication for the events will need to be ramped back up as we get back into the groove of in-person meetings, events, etc.

  • Tying membership meetings into food afterward to make it another social meeting.

  • Holiday Party - set up time/date?

  • Ronald Mcdonald House - event/charity happening again?

Adjourn: Jordan

2nd: Kurt

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