Burgh Bears Membership Meetings

February 11, 2020

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

February 11, 2020 - Blue Moon Bar



Jordan Smithson, Mark Hopkinson Jr., Mike Barnes-Reiss, Chip Barnes-Reiss, Raleigh Roule, Chris Rysinski, Nate Gerth, Kammi Gallagher, Kurt Sill, Sean McAllister, Hector Arocha, Jeremy Lott. 



Old Business:

Vice President

77 members + 7 founding


Expiring in Feb:

David Eichelberger 

Dustin Jewell

Ed Quigley

Hector Arocha 

John Basinger

Michael Ayers

Michael Devitt

Nate Gerth 

Sean McAllister 


Expiring in March:

Dion Scott

Justin Steele

Justin Weiss

Dennis Meyers 



Bears at Large:


February Birthdays:


Mike Hellman 02/04

Benjamin Keeler 02/07

Michael Mayberry 02/26

David Elchelberger 02/28






Official: 60 Members (=)

Public: 827 Members (+5)


294 Followers (+4)





The yearly budget was presented live at the membership meeting.


Vote to pass budget: Jordan

2nd: Micheal



Social Events:


Upcoming events:

  • Feb 16th Bites and Board Games-Crazy Mocha

  • Feb 21st Happy Hour

  • Feb 22nd Bar night -flannel theme


**Upcoming ideas for March activities and restaurant needed.  Suggestions are: Axe Throwing, Science Center, Winery Trip**

  • Bears dinner ideas: Cheesecake Factory, Mad Mex , any others?

  • March we will have a Kilt Night at PTown with raffles and contests



  • Our charity is PERSAD. 

  • Goal is to raise $2000.


Announce all donors!!

  • Raffle on the 22nd as some donations are perishable. 

  • 2018 and 2019 shirts are still available at $20. Coffee mugs and shot glasses are also available

  • Tell everybody to share our events online..

  • Josh Englert donating baskets to March's raffle. 


Vice-Presidential Report:



Presidential Report:

Successful launch party




New Business:

  • Variety Show

  • T-shirt contest

    • Starting next month

  • Pride

  • Moved to the middle of July. The location is also moved. 

  • Pride Committee 

  • Merc

Adj: Sean

2nd: Kammi


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