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Coming together...

As a group, we host different kinds of events that can be fun, charitable, exciting or of that and more. Most of our events are open to everyone, however, there are events that we host exclusive to only members. 

Attend one of our public events, become a member, and come together for a good time. 

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Monthly Events

Come Join us

Burgh Bear Dinner

1st Weds of every Month - TBD currently

This event is set up so that the membership can get out into the Greater Pittsburgh Area and sample some of the food that it has to offer. Come out to meet us for dinner and get a chance to maybe enjoy some new places to eat. The locations of this event changes throughout the year. Some events may need an RSVP so we know an accurate count of attendees. 

Bears Do...

2nd Saturday of Alternating Months - TBD currently

This event jumps to every other month but allows our members to get out and enjoy the local area in an activity that the membership/board devised. This is usually a good opportunity to try something new or to enjoy an activity you might already love doing. We usually take suggestions for future "Bears Do..." events.

Membership Meeting

2nd Tuesday of every Month @ 7:30 pm EST

This is where we offer a space to have the members come together to hear any news, voice their feedback or any opinions, get updated on upcoming events, etc.


This event is held at 7:30 pm and is usually streamed through our FB account for those that can't attend to watch, give input, and remain abreast.  

Happy Hour

3rd Friday of Alternating Months

 @ 6 pm 

This event is where we all meet up and enjoy a few drinks at a local bar. The bar may change locations from time to time, but we always notify the membership where it is being held in our Facebook Posts. Follow us to stay up to date. 

Bites and Board Games

3rd Sunday of Every Month - TBD currently

This event has changed over the past few years, it has evolved into now something where our members can get together and enjoy Sunday playing games and having a bite to eat. Bring any board game you might like, grab food to eat during, and have some fun.

** As of now, this event is undergoing consideration for changing. **

Bar Night

4th Saturday of Every Month 

This is our Monthly Event where we get together and have a night out at our home bar, P-Town. Each month has it's own theme and is where we sometimes host events that can raise money for our charity of that year.

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