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The Burgh Bears

The Burgh Bears are a non-profit 501(c)7 social group for bears, admirers, and their allies, created to both promote social and recreational activities for its members, as well as charitable fundraising for the local community. The Burgh Bears are an equal opportunity/affirmative action group that embraces all forms of diversity, not limited to attraction, disability, gender identification, race, religion, and sex. We are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but have members from many surrounding states, and our electronic membership is worldwide.

We think that having a local bear club is important. While the whole bear movement has grown enormously over the past decade, there are still many individuals who do not see themselves or their attractions reflected in the general public’s opinion of attractiveness. Bear clubs provide an alternative space, support structure, and friendship for these individuals and their allies.


About Us

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Our Community

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