March Membership Meeting Minutes

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting
March 12, 2019

Attendance: Chip Barnes, Michael Reiss, Kammi Gallagher, Ray Oles, Josh Blackwood, Troy Wilder, Raleigh Roule, Josh Salveson, Dennis Myers, Justin Steele, Jordan Smithson, Mark Hopkinson Jr., Dale Boyd, Johnn Pugh,

Monthly Recap:
February Bar Night
Raised $116 for Dakota James Foundation
Pride Committee started

Membership Numbers:

77 Paid + 7 Founding = 84 total (+6 from last MM)

3 Expiring in March: Terry Funk, Jeremy Lott, Dennis Downey

Bears at Large:
3/16: Jeremy Lott
3/20: Mike Ayers
3/31: Joshua Blackwood

Public: 761 Members
Official: 61 Members

The check was delivered to Proud Haven

Social Events:
March 17 (This Sunday) Coffee Klatch at Panera on Center Ave. Gonna bring cards against humanity.

March 23rd is Bar night. There will be a kilt contest with Prizes.

April 3rd is our next Hangry Bears event. Will be at Franktuary in Market Sq with a trip to the Milkshake factory after.

April 9th is our monthly general membership meeting

April 15th y’alls taxes are due

April 19 is Happy Hour at 5801

There is no coffee klatch in April (it’s Easter Sunday y’all)

April 27 is bar night, the theme is sleepwear (no showing up naked)

Two important things to mention:
The importance of the RSVP, if we don’t know that you are coming, we can’t guarantee you a seat and its not respectful of the places we go. We had to call ahead at Claddagh to make sure that on a busy night for them, they have space for us. Please RSVP. (also talk about we do not provide food at our events other than labor day or holiday party, y’all are responsible for your own costs)

Secondly, is the email address, send me ideas. I am not going to do exclusive couples events or exclusive singles events. That is not what this club is about. Events are open to everyone. If you don’t tell me what you would like to see us do as a group.(??????????????????????????)

For May’s prowl event we are looking into either the zoo or the botanical garden. Also looking into making some prowl events earlier on those weekend days to allow for our members to also enjoy evening events.

Finally, members need to start stepping up more and reaching out for the things going on around Pittsburgh that you think we should do as a social event. We can get smaller groups together for things. If you know of something, like the auto or home and garden show that might be fun for people, send me the info and we can make a post about it. I am more than happy to share events to the group that people may want to get together for. I am not the only one who can host social events for members.

On-going attempts to reach DLJFoundation
Upcoming events

Vice-Presidential Report:

Pride committee first meeting 3/24
T-shirt contest – three submissions so far

Presidential Report:
Proud Haven has check
Proud Haven Annual Meeting

Long Term Items:

Motion to adjourn: Kammi
Seconded: Micheal

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