February Membership Meeting Minutes

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting
February 12, 2019
Chip Barnes, Kammi Gallagher , Marcus Knopsnider, Joshua Blackwood, Hector Arocha, Jordan Smithson, Mark Hopkinson Jr, Dale Boyd, Johnn Pugh, Jeremy Lott, Maurice Anthony, Sean McAllister, Raleigh Roule, Nate, Ray Oles

Monthly Recap:
2019 Charity Announcement by Raleigh
Basket donated to Sinful Sunday
Arktos Bears visit

Membership Numbers:

71 Paid + 7 founding = 78 total
Expiring in Feb Robert Holland, Dustin Jewell

Bears at Large:
February Birthdays:
2/4 – Mike Hellman
2/8 – Sean Taylor
2/21 – Andy Krut
2/26 – Michael Mayberry
2/28 – David Eichelberger

Social Media:
Official – 56 Members
Public – 743 Members
Twitter: 604 Followers
Instagram: 190 Followers

Budget proposed and presented.
Motioned by: Hector
Seconded by: Unanymous

Social Events:
Dinner at Emporio was awesome and really great food.
Feb 15 Happy Hour at 5801
Feb 17 is Coffee at Panera on Centre in Oakland.
No Feb 23 Bar Night and Fundraiser, Working on gift baskets and will also have 5 signed Broadway show posters to Raffle off.

March 6 Hangry Bears at The Claddagh on the south side near the cheesecake factory. Decided to go with a pub.
March 9 Bears on the Prowl/ Dave and Busters and possibly a movie before or after
March 12 is our next membership meeting
March 17 is Coffee
March 23 is Bar Night, the theme is Kilt Night.
Talk about pop up bar nights idea


Introduce 2019 charity: Dakota James Foundation
February bar night raffle will be the first night to fundraise for this Foundation.

Also reached out to other organizations that we could represent and support. Maybe we can have membership show up and support

Vice-Presidential Report:

Pride committee – First meeting in March
Opening the floor for volunteers to join this committee.
Pride is the biggest event that the group as a whole is involved in.

T-shirt contest
Officially opening the contest.
Submissions are welcome – please see rules!

Presidential Report:
Please submit any suggestions that membership may have for events, fundraising, and charity opportunities that the group can be involved in.

Using social media and coming up with ways to advertise the club
Opened the floor to everyone to give ideas

Motioned to Adjourn: Johnn Pugh
Seconded: Jeremy Lott

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