January 8, 2019 – Membership Meeting Minutes

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

January 8, 2019


Attendance: Michael Reiss, Chip Barnes, Troy WIlder, Johnn Pugh, Dale Boyd, Kammi Gallagher, Raleigh Roule, Josh Blackwood, Jeremy Lott, Mark Hopkinson Jr, Jordan Smithson, Hector Arocha, Sean McCallister,


Monthly Recap:

New Board – Say hi to the new board.

Holiday Party – Good feedback!! Good location! Consider Persad for this year’s Holiday Party as well.

Toy Drive  – Had an entire truck full of toys to give to the Ronald McDonald house. Was very successful.

Naughty Santa


Membership Numbers:


75 Paid + 8 Founding = 83 Total

Expiring in January: Mark Thompson, Johnathan Pugh, Mike Hellman, Joe Castellani, Ken Haywood, Pete Worth, Claude Mauk, Dave Ambrose, David Pfeiffer, Kammi Gallagher


Bears at Large:

January Birthdays

Mark Perri: 1/18

Mark Pagliai: 1/19

Joe Castellani: 1/25

Terry Funk: 1/26



Social Media:

  • Facebook:

Official – 61 Members

Public – 743 Members

  • Twitter:  603 Followers
  • Instagram: 186 Followers


I would like to review different hosts for both the emails and the website. It might take some time, but I want to present multiple options for both the website and emails. I have a couple ideas in mind, but want to get everything together before bringing to the board and membership, will try to present these numbers at the next meeting if the differences aren’t too far from our current costs.



Mark went over the funding at this time. Has a printed report.


Social Events:

Saturday Jan 12th – Bears on the prowl, Pinball PA Aliquippa PA, $17/ per person. (Group rate) -3 hrs total instead of 2 hrs.

Sunday Jan 20th – Coffee at Panera, 2pm

Saturday Jan 26, Bar Night, Sci Fi themed

Feb 6th Dinner – Hangry Bear – working on location

Feb 12th is the Feb member meeting

Feb 15th is Happy Hour at 5801

Feb 17th is coffee at Panera

Feb 23 is Bar Night. – Possible Valentine’s Day Themed. –


**Hangry Bears; We are moving it around the city, so that people can get different tastes.**

***We need to have an adequate head count going into Hangry Bears, there will be a deadline attached to the event, so that we can get this head count, so that the restaurants will reserve the tables. ***

Possible upcoming events : Axe Throwing

If anyone has any ideas let Josh know.



-Overview of 2018 Fundraising

What happened to Thrive – Thrive disbanded – unable to give those raised funds to them,  raised funds moved over to the funds to give to Proud Haven.

Proud Haven – Have a larger check to give to Proud Haven

Ronald McDonald House

-Looking forward to 2019: whom do we want to support; If you have any ideas for other organizations, let us know.

-Ideas for fundraising events

-Forming Pride Committee and looking for volunteers soon


Vice-Presidential Report:

Monthly Newsletter. Anything else that should be included?

-Previous Month’s Recap

Work with Bears at Large to include Birthdays.

-Getting Pride Committee formed, first meeting in march

-2019 T-shirt contest – Start thinking up designs for submission.

End of Feb to accept submissions, Vote in March.

Look for an email for contest rules.


Presidential Report:

Check to be given to Proud Haven at next bar night – waiting on them to see what representative will arrive to receive accept check. >$3k!!

Wanted to put a basket together from the Burgh Bears. – John made a motion – Michael seconded.

Arktos Bears Visiting – put your Burgh Bears T-shirt on to identify yourselves. Be nice and inviting. Not many other Bear Groups close to us.

  • They are doing a Breakfast, when details are obtained, can see who wants to go.

Donate Basket to January’s Sinful Sunday

2019 Charity Options :

  • Dreams of Hope –
  • Pittsburgh Equality Center –
  • Project Silk – I
  • Persad – II
  • Dakota James Foundation – II
  • Proud Haven – I

*Narrow it down to vote for the club to vote on.*

**Will send out voting email soon**


Motion to end by John, seconded by Jeremy


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