December 20 2018 — Membership meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

December 11, 2018


I’m attendance: Michael Reiss, Chip Barnes, Jeremy Lott, Marcus Knopsnider, Brennan Waller, Josh Blackwood, Raleigh Roule, Dale Boyd, Johnn Pugh, Mark Hopkinson Jr, Jordan Smithson



Holiday Party

2019 Charity – options presented & discussed in January, with the decision announced in February.  Possibilities: Dakota James Foundation, Proud Haven again.

Thrive Funds to Proud Haven  – Johnn moved to switch the funds to Proud Haven, Josh seconded, motion passed unanimously.

End of year wrap up




75 Paid + 7 Founding = 82


3 Expiring in Dec Peter Moskos, Donald Nardelli, Tom Joesphi



Facebook public – 736

Official – 62

Instagram – 183

Twitter – 600



Maurice moved to add Mark Hopkinson Jr to account by the end of the month – Brennan seconded; motion approved unanimously.


Bears at Large-

December Birthdays:

12/4 –   Randy Sams

12/15 –  Dustin Jewell

12/18 –  Sean McAllister

12/19 –  Thomas Johns

12/21 –  Michael Reiss

12/26 –  John Salveson


Social Events-


12-15 Holiday party –

12-21 Happy Hour

12-22 Naughty Santa bar night, pictures with santa available for a $5 charitable donation

1-2 Dinner

1-12 BOTP



Toy Drive – very successful so far, and still collecting through December’s bar night.


Mike moved to end, Raleigh seconded; motion approved unanimously.

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