November 13 2018 — Membership meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

November 13, 2018


In attendance: Michael Reiss, Chip Barnes, Johnn Pugh, Marcus Knopsnider, Jeremy Lott, Josh Blackwood, Troy Wilder, Raleigh Roule, Maurice Gage, Brennan Waller, Kammi Gallagher, Mike Fehl, Nate Gerth, Ray Oles.



2019 Board announced:

Bears at Large – Mike Fehl and Kammi Gallagher

Fundraising – Raleigh Roule

Social Events – Josh Blackwood

Treasurer – Mark Hopkinson

Secretary/Web/IT – Jordan Smithson

Membership – Mike Reiss

President – Chip Barnes

Recent Successful Events – October’s costume contest.  Nov’s BOTP we joined 3-Rivers Leather at their event for pizza.

Christmas Party officially announced. Invites and details going out soon. 12/15 at 7pm.




80 paid + 7 founding = 87 total


6 Expiring in Nov: César Escobar-Viera, Esteban Paniagua-Laconich, William Brimer, Jacob Piercy, Ray Reitmeyer, Joshua Blackwood



Facebook- 734

Official Facebook- 65

Twitter- 602

Instagram- 181






Bears at Large-



Social Events-

11/18 – Coffee Klatch

11/24 – Bar Night (Superhero Night)

12/5 – Dinner and Bowling

12/11 – Membership Meeting

12/15 – Christmas Party



November bar night will have a toy drive for the Ronald McDonald House.


Kammie moved to end, Raleigh seconded.

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