September 11 2018 – Membership meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

September 11, 2018


In attendance- Michael Reiss, Chip Barnes, Marcus Knopsnider, Brennan Waller, Sean McAllister, Hector Arocha, Jeremy Lott, Nate Gerth, Maurice Gage, Raleigh Roule, Devin Booker, Andy Nunn, Josh Blackwood, Johnn Pugh, Dale Boyd,



Labor Day Picnic – good turnout

Elections – 2 weeks before Oct’s meeting the email will be sent out for nominations.  Nominations will close at the beginning of the membership meeting. Nominees must be present at the membership meeting to accept.  Non-attendance is automatic refusal. Anyone who wishes to speak will have a chance at that meeting. Within 48 hours the online voting will be opened, and will remain open for 7 days.   The new board will be announced at Nov’s membership meeting.

Email from Arktos – David McKinstry

Afternoon. We are putting together our road trip to the Burgh Oct 5-8, and wanted to reach out to you. we are looking for a group dinner location for Sat evening, hopefully with members of Burgh Bears. Also, a Sunday brunch location. Previously, we have discussed meeting at PTown, Sat. evening?

Bylaws – Vote done, this portion will be chaired by Josh Blackwood.  Raleigh moved to accept the amendments to the bylaws. Hector & Andy seconded.  Motion approved unanimously, and will take effect at the end of this meeting.




87 paid + 7 founding = 94 total

Expired in August: Randy Dicks, Jon Mattern, Gary Fenchak

8 Expiring in September: Howard Murray, Lee Volk, Bill Faust, Craig Parks, Jonathan Kuhn, Jim Conley, John Salveson,


Update your info please!


Still looking for one more member from the Charity Drag Show October 5th



Official Facebook – 70

Facebook – 728

Twitter – 599

Instagram – 169




Bears at Large-


9/2 – Craig Parks

9/3 – Pete Worth

9/5 – James Conley

9/7 – William Gebauer

9/17 – Ray Reitmeyer

9/20 – Nate Gerth


Social Events-

9/16 – Coffee Klatch

9/16 – Renaissance Festival (Weather Permitting)

9/22 – Bar Night (Leather Theme)

10/3 – Pizza and Bowling

10/5 – Bears In Drag Charity Drag Fundraiser – last big fundraiser for the charity

10/9 – Membership Meeting – board nominations accepted



Ronald McDonald House: 10/7 Breakfast (30-40 people) max 12 volunteers 7-9:30 am

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence  — Fundraising at next bar night for them

Raleigh moved to donate the funds raised at bar night, Hector seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Toys for Tots for November’s bar night – Chip will get the info.


Maurice moved to end Mike seconded. Passed unanimously.

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