October 9 2018 – Membership meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

October 9, 2018


In attendance: Michael Reiss, Chip Barnes, Troy Wilder, Kammi Gallagher, Marcus Knopsnider, Johnn Pugh, Dale Boyd, Josh Blackwood, Mike Fehl, Brennan Waller, Maurice Gage, Jeremy Lott, Nate Gerth, Hector Arocha, Sean McAllister, Mark Hopkinson Jr, Jordan Smithson



Nominations – officially closed

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Fundraiser – we raised ~$160 for them

Burgh Bear Drag Show — very successful, we raised $650 for Proud Haven.

Ronald McDonald House – group of members volunteered to prepare breakfast for the families on 10-7

Three Rivers Leather Club – Pizza party second Saturday of November.




82 paid members + 7 founding = 89 total


7 Expiring in October- Nate Gerth, Dennis Mowrey, Ray Sager, Devin Booker, Keith Snyder, Doug Whye, Tim Broadwater



Instagram – 177

Twitter- 602

Facebook – 729

Official Facebook – 68




Bears at Large-

October Birthdays

Dale Boyd 10/4
Troy Wilder 10/26
Anthony Saba 10/20
Paul O’Brien 10/6
Anthony Riccadonna 10/5
Russ Parkinson 10/4
Nick Duranko 10/21


Social Events-

10/19 – Happy Hour

10/21 – Coffee Klatch

10/27 – Bar Night – Halloween  – costume contest

11/7 – Pizza and Bowling


Christmas party is coming up, details are being finalized.



November Toy Drive at Bar Night — possibly a donation to Ronald McDonald house instead of Toys for Tots.

More volunteer opportunities

Movie night at RMH

Naughty Santa — December’s bar night fundraiser – a member will dress up as naughty santa – photo on santa’s lap with the proceeds going to charity.

Food drives?



Bears at Large – Mike Fehl and Kammi Gallagher —  both accepted

Fundraising – Raleigh Roule — accepted

Social Events – Josh Blackwood and Raleigh Roule —  Josh accepted

Treasurer – Mark Hopkinson Jr  — accepted

Secretary/Web/IT – Jordan Smithson and Brennan Waller  — Jordan – accepted Brennan – declined

Vice President of Membership – Michael Reiss —  accepted

President – Chip Barnes  — accepted


Ballots will go out within the next 48 hours; write-ins will be allowed on the ballots.   Voting will close in 7 days


Mike/Kammie/Johnn moved to close.  Hector seconded.

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