July 10 2018 – Membership Meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

July 10, 2018

In attendance: Chip Barnes, Michael Reiss, Maurice Gage, Marcus Knopsnider, Jeremy Lott, Josh Blackwood, Raleigh Roule, Josh Blackwood, Nate Gerth, David Eichelberger, Brennan Waller, Bob Holland, William Brimer, Dustin Jewell, Mark Hopkinson Jr


Reminder, we also began live-streaming the meetings in April, the videos are available to members in the official membership group on Facebook.  April’s meeting did not originally post into the group; Matt kindly saved the video down, and re-posted it into the official group.



Chip’s Current Status

Bylaws Committee – Plan to have the new bylaws ready by the August membership meeting, with an in person vote at September’s meeting.

William Kofalt – Motion made to vote for removal, last meeting. Actual vote taken today.

Zero Tolerance for certain types of behavior. The club will not allow this to happen.


Vote to remove WIlliam Kofalt – approved unanimously.


The Burgh Bears are a non-profit social group for bears, admirers, and their allies created to both promote social and recreational activities for its members, as well as charitable fundraising for the local community. The Burgh Bears are an equal opportunity/affirmative action group that embraces all forms of diversity, not limited to attraction, disability, gender identification, race, religion and sex.


The Board of Directors may elect to remove a Member from membership if they feel that person has acted in a manner detrimental to the Club or its members. Members may recommend removal of an individual to the Board of Directors. A removal of this type must be announced to the Club membership at large by the next Club meeting, and may be challenged by any Club member. Members removed for any reason are not entitled to a refund of their annual dues. Once removed, former members may be allowed to rejoin the Club at the discretion of the Board of Directors


The bylaws committee is considering trying to add language to allow for the speedier removal of a member in certain instances.






94 paid members + 7 lifetime = 101 total


8 Expiring in July: Chris Tracy, Boris Shiloff, Christopher Pryor-Shiloff, Thomas Johns, Nick Duranko, Barry Burns, Richard Bender, Michael Ayers




Official Facebook- 76

Facebook – 708

Twitter – 619

Instagram- 159








Bear at Large-

7/4 – Ken Haywood

7/11 – Kammi Gallagher

7/13 – Dave Ambrose

7/13 – Raleigh Roule

7/23 – Dennis Downey

7/25 – Chris Tracy

7/27 – Dennis Mowrey




Social Events-


7/14 – Bears On The Prowl —  Miniature golf at Kniess and ice cream at the Dairy Queen across the street.

7/15 Coffee Klatch

7/20-7/22 – Circle Jj Ranch – We will be providing drinks, the seasonals at Circle JJ will be providing most of the food.  If you would like to take a disk feel free.

7/21 – Charity Drag Show – we are at 6 entertainers.  So far the club, P-Town, and Troy Wilder are providing baskets to be raffled off.

7/28 – Bar Night(70s)

8/1 – Pizza and bowling

8/10-8/12 Camp Davis weekend – There are a lot of things in the planning stages; they have also reached out to other area bear groups to bring in more people.

9p-11p friday meet and greet with other bear groups

Potluck Sat Afternoon(Club will provide meat) and some games

Possible Sat Morning or Sun Morning breakfast depending on turn out.

Foam Party 9pm-2am Sat Night



Lee Volk suggested volunteering for Outrageous Bingo

Board will be meeting with Proud Haven

Considering an event later this year to fundraise specifically for the Dakota James Foundation  – Raleigh will work on getting more information about fundraising and/or volunteer opportunities.


if anyone has any ideas on places we could contact to possibly do volunteer work with please put it forward.





Raleigh moved to end, Mike seconded.

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