August 14 2018 – Membership Meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

August 14, 2018

 In attendance: Chip Barnes, Michael Reiss, Maurice Gage, Marcus Knopsnider, Jeremy Lott, Josh Blackwood, Raleigh Roule, Mark Knopsnider, Mark Hopkinson Jr, Jordan Smithson, William Brimer, Dale Boyd, Johnn Pugh,

Reminder, we also began live-streaming the meetings in April, the videos are available to members in the official membership group on Facebook.  April’s meeting did not originally post into the group; Matt kindly saved the video down, and re-posted it into the official group.


New Bear at Large – Mark Hopkinson Jr

Charity Drag Show – Huge Success Raised over $600 for Proud Haven

Circle JJ and Camp Davis camping weekends – How much of an interest is there?

By Laws – Presented, Motion made to vote at September’s Meeting. Email after meeting. Committee will field questions headed by Josh Blackwood.

2019 Elections – Nominations open on September 25th, email president@burghbears for nominations. Nominations will close at October’s meeting on 10/9. At the meeting those nominated must be there to accept nomination officially. Anyone that is qualified and nominated will be notified prior to meeting. At the October meeting anyone accepting a nomination will have the opportunity to speak as to why they should be considered. Ballots will be made and emailed out to members within 48 hours after 10/9. Voting will last 7 days. (10/18). Winners will be announced at November’s membership meeting. This gives about 6 weeks and two board meetings for the new board to meet with current board and get everything settled.




87 Paid Members + 7 Lifetime = 94 total

4 Expiring in August – Randy Dicks, Jon Mattern, Mark Pagliai, Gary Fenchak

6 Expired in July – Richard Bender, Chris Tracy, Michael Ayers, Barry Burns, Christopher Pryor-Shiloff, Boris Shiloff


Bears in Drag volunteers?



Facebook – 720

Official Facebook – 72

Instagram – 161

Twitter – 614







Bears at Large-

Birthdays for August:

  • Andrew Nunn – 8/2
  • Barry Burns – 8/2
  • James McIntire – 8/4
  • Brennan Waller – 8/6
  • Lee Volk – 8/12
  • Richard Krug – 8/13
  • Maurice Gage – 8/16
  • Claude Mauk – 8/24
  • William Brimer – 8/31





Social Events-

8/17 – Happy Hour

8/19 – Coffee Klatch

8/25 – Bar Night – Swimwear

9/2 – Labor Day Picnic

9/5 – Dinner and Bowling

9/11 – Membership Meeting




Fundraising ideas?

Community Service ideas?

Ronald McDonald House Volunteering Meal Prep for a day

Proud Haven Winter Clothing Drive

Team up with Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for a shared fundraiser


Mike moved to end meeting Raleigh seconded

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