May 8 2018 – Membership Meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting
May 8, 2018

In attendance: Michael Reiss, Chip Barnes, Andy Nunn, Devin Booker, Nate Gerth, Raleigh Roule, Josh Blackwood, Jeremy Lott, Marcus Knopsnider, Maurice Gage, Johnn Pugh, Dale Boyd, Brennan Waller, Mark Hopkinson Jr, Jordan Smithson,

Basket Raffle – $265, Thank you Josh Blackwood, Terry Funk, Jeff & Gary at P-town. Johnn Pugh for being last minute shot boy. Great night for the club.
P-town Relationship – No issue with Kilt contest, Loves us, Wants a Membership Drive there
T-shirts – 34 Pre-ordered Shirts, most we’ve had. Shirts ordered for Pride selling
Tent – Returned to Delta Foundation. Delta will store and set up for Pride.Pride – Sunglasses, Bracelets ordered. Sign up for booth and march sent soon. Meeting 5/13. Everyone is welcome to march, and to bring friends to march with us.


91 paid members + 7 lifetime = 98 total
0 expired in April. Yay!
7 expiring in May: Tracy Dykeman, Maurice Gage, William Gebauer, Mark Knopsnider, Richard Krug, Russ Parkinson, Jerry Rush

Lots of new members recently: Antony Riccadonna, Paul O’Brien, Anthony Saba, Ed Alo, Andrew Nunn


Instagram – 147
Official Facebook – 73
Facebook – 685
Twitter – 617


Bear at Large-
Birthdays in May!!
● Jay Thigpen – 5/3
● Jon Mattern – 5/7
● Jerry Rush – 5/9
● Chip Barnes – 5/21
● Hector Arocha – 5/31

Social Events-

Bears on the Prowl – Laser Tag 5/12 at Xtreme Laser Storm in Robinson
Coffee Klatch – 5/20
Bar Night – 90s Night 5/26

Circle JJ July 20-22 and Camp Davis camping events

Charity drag show moved to July anyone interested in doing a basket please see Maurice, Mike or Chip.

Arktos does not currently know if they will even have a contingent for their pride.

Charity Event Ideas
Boots to Balls for May Bar Night benefiting Proud Haven – Volunteers, Josh will, anyone else interested please reach out to one of the board members.
Ideas for Club Fundraising – Karaoke Contest, Square (Suggested by Randy Dicks)
We are planning to get in touch with Proud Haven to see if they have any need for volunteer time. Johnn brought up that something cooperative with the Sister’s of Prepetual Indulgance may be a way to do some volunteer work with Proud Haven.

Josh has volunteered to lend poles for flags, if people have a flag they would like to carry in the parade. He will need to know the size.

Chip touched on the email from regarding blocking board members on Facebook. Anyone that chooses to block a board member will not see anything they post regarding the club.

Mike motioned to end the meeting; Dale seconded.

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