June 12 2018 – Membership Meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

June 12, 2018



In attendance:  Mike Reiss, Jeremy Lott, Troy Wilder, Josh Blackwood, Dustin Jewell , Sean McAllister, Hector Arocha, Marcus Knopsnider, Raleigh Roule, Maurice Gage, John Salveson, Dale Boyd, Jordan Smithson



Chip’s Surgery

Pride Turnout and Thanks

Pride funds raised

Think about successes and opportunities

William Kofalt – Jordan should discuss

Mike can follow up with his and Chips experience. Jordan should make motion

Removal of member process explained


Hector moved to have Bill Kofalt removed from the club, Raleigh seconded.


Section 3.3: Removal of Members The Board of Directors may elect to remove a Member from membership if they feel that person has acted in a manner detrimental to the Club or its members. Members may recommend removal of an individual to the Board of Directors. A removal of this type must be announced to the Club membership at large by the next Club meeting, and may be challenged by any Club member. Members removed for any reason are not entitled to a refund of their annual dues. Once removed, former members may be allowed to rejoin the Club at the discretion of the Board of Directors. See Section 5.2.3: Voting on the Removal of Members


Section 5.2.3: Voting on the Removal of Members In the case of a vote to remove a Member from the Club or a Board Member from the Board of Directors, a vote on the member’s removal will be scheduled for the next consecutive Club meeting. At this meeting, the reason for the proposed removal shall be restated; the member in question will have the opportunity to present a rebuttal. An in person roll call vote must be conducted and a 75% affirmative vote of members in favor of removal is required for the vote to pass.




96 paid members + 7 lifetime = 103 total

3 expiring in June – Thomas Dumez, William Oleary, Matt Sampson



Official Facebook- 76

Public Facebook- 701

Instagram – 159

Twitter – 617







Bear at Large

June Birthdays

  • Justin Weiss – 06/02
  • Devin Booker – 06/03
  • Robert Holland – 06/18
  • Jeff Altavilla – 06/19
  • Boris Shiloff – 06/20
  • Garry Altavilla – 06/20
  • Mark Hopkinson Jr. – 06/25
  • Tim Sullivan – 06/25
  • Brent Kelly – 06/27
  • Tim Broadwater – 06/27
  • Esteban Paniagua-Laconich – 06/28



Social Events

6/15 – Happy Hour

6/17 – Coffee Klatch

6/23 – Bar Night – Rainbow

7/4 – No Pizza and Bowling

7/10 – Membership Meeting

7/20-22 Circle Jj Weekend

7/21 – Charity Drag Show — Troy says he should be able to do a basket for the fundraiser


Basket donations




Reached out to Proud Haven. Board will be meeting soon with them to discuss possibility of more fundraising opportunities.  Mike met with Debbie at Pride; we will probably invite them to a board meeting to discuss fundraising opportunities


Sean brought up the Dakota James foundation .

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