April 10, 2018 – Membership Meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

April 10, 2018


* This meeting is the first use of live streaming on Facebook for the membership meetings


In attendance:

Chip Barnes, Michael Reiss, Maurice Gage, Marcus Knopsnider, Johnn Pugh, Dale Boyd, Devin Booker, Ray Sager, Jeremy Lott, Terry Funk, Mark Hopkinson Jr,  Bob Holland, William Faust, Lee Volk, Larry Griffin, Jay Thigpen, Cesar Escobar Viera, Ray Sager. Dennis Mowrey, Cris Chandler, Nate Gerth, Matt Sampson, Raleigh Roule, Jon Mattern, Randy Dicks, Sean McAllister, Kammi Gallagher, Cris Chandler



T-shirts – Sean came up with 6 designs we will be doing a surveymonkey ranking vote so people can order them by preference, with the top shirt being the officially printed shirt.

Pride Committee

Bylaws Committee

Drenched Fur – we sponsored the movie Friday night, if you have a Burgh Bears shirt please wear it to that event.  We are also putting a basket together with come club merchandise, and items donated by Larry.

Complaints & Grievances – is you have an issue with the club, a member, or the board there needs to be a process.  Please email the board, or post in the official membership group.  We need to know who specifically has an issue, and whom they have it with if it is a specific person.  We need to be able to look into the issue.


Pride – Lee said he could possibly help with reaching out to Buffalo

CJ requested that the other Prides be posted, since we would be looking for reciprocal marches for other prides.




85 current members + 7 lifetime members = 92 total


Expired in March: Tim Peckham

Expiring in April: Troy Wilder




Facebook – 675

Official – 66

Twitter – 622

Instagram – 144




Bear at Large-


Social Events-


4/20 – Happy Hour

4/28 – Bar Night ( Glow Party ) – glow sticks & bracelets – was supposed to be boots to balls for the club, however we may change it to a basket raffle to raise money for pride.  Currently expecting 3-4 baskets; we’d like to get up to 5.

5/2 – Dinner and Bowling

5/8 – Membership Meeting

5/11 – Drag Show – tentative, charity fundraiser with the resident queens of PTown.



Kilt Night contests –


Contest rules moving forward will be discussed at a future meeting, or meeting.


Larry Griffin’s resignation

Tent – Delta foundation has indicated that they are the owners of the tend; the club or Sean own the graphics.  Jeremy and Chip will meet with Delta foundation to discuss the tent.

Funds for Pride – Larry has indicated he will provide the fund

Wheel – Josh Blackwood has volunteered to build a Plinko board for the club.

Fundraising going forward – any and all ideas welcomed for fundraising, we will also be looking for someone to fill the position.


Josh offered his services as a trained conflict resolution facilitator between Chip and Larry.


Not having the tent short term means we cannot set up for Pride; long term means we cannot host our normal events later this year because we did raise the funds during Pride.


Mike moved to end the meeting Johnn seconded.  All voted in favor.

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