March 13, 2018 – Membership Meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

March 13, 2018


Attendance – Chip Barnes, Mike Reiss, Jeremy Lott, Maurice Gage, Marcus Knopsnider, Bob Holland, Troy Wilder, Matt Sampson, Sean McAllister, Dale Boyd, John Pugh, Jacob Piercy, Nate Gerth



Board Member Resignation – Dale Boyd resigned from the board for personal reasons.


T-shirts – pre-orders will start in April, Sean McAllister is currently working up a couple 25th anniversary designs for us.  Online voting will occur soon.


Drenched Fur – Basket is already taken care of; they are still looking for sponsors for their events, it would be $150 this year.  After some discussion, Mike Reiss moved to go ahead with the sponsorship, contingent on written confirmation of what the sponsorship entails.  Troy Wilder seconded.  Approved with none opposed.


By-Laws Committee – has started working on reviewing the existing bylaws.


Trip to Vice Versa? – considering another trip this year; we had around 20 members go last year.


Expanding our footprint –




Current membership 86 Paid members + 7 Lifetime = 93 total


3 Expired in Feb- Cris Chandler, Dennis Downey (will renew), Larry Kozlowski


4 Expiring in March – Terry Funk, Jeremy Lott, Tim Peckham, Justin Weiss

Recruit, recruit, recruit!


Pride committee – first meeting went really well.  Two more meetings coming up




Public – 650

Official – 72

Instagram – 156

Twitter – 650








Bear at Large-


The Birthdays for March are as follows:

  • 3/11 – Tim Peckham
  • 3/16 – Jeremy Lott
  • 3/20 – Michael Ayers
  • 3/31 – Joshua Blackwood




Social Events-


3/15 – Bear Skate

3/24 – Kilt Night – with prizes

4/4 – Pizza and Bowling

4/10 – Membership Meeting

4/20 – Happy Hour

4/28 – Bar Night – Glow Party

5/18 – Drag Show – charity show at PTown, anyone interested in donating for the baskets please reach out to Larry




This month’s bar night (Kilt night) will be our first Boots to Balls fundraiser for our charity. Troy Wilder expressed interest in volunteering if he is able to make it.


We are looking to volunteer for a Shepherd Wellness Center dinner in April, there will be a post with more information,


Possibly check with Outrageous Bingo to see if volunteer opportunities exist.



Mike Reiss motioned to end Sean McAllister seconded, approved with none opposed.


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