February 13, 2018 – Membership Meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

February 13, 2018


In attendance: Raleigh Roule, Nate Gerth, Jeremy Lott, Ralph Barnes, Larry Griffin, Dale Boyd, Mike Reiss, Maurice Gage ,Marcus Knopsnider, Jordan Smithson, Mark Hopkinson



Attendance taken at meetings

2018 Charity – Proud Haven

2018 T-shirt – The decision was made not to do the contest this year; instead we will reach out to Sean to come up with a couple alternatives for an official 25th anniversary design.

Check presented to Thrive

Pride Committee – accepting volunteers through the end of February with the first meeting in March

By-laws Committee – Expecting to start working on the new bylaws next month, with them ready to present to membership in August for a vote at September’s meeting.

Ideas for different types of fundraising at our events

Drenched Fur Basket

Drink Special at P-Town – Instead of the dollar off drink ticket; starting with February’s bar night they will do a themed drink special at a set price; to coincide with the nights theme.   Having a drink special where a portion of the cost goes to the charity was suggested.



Current Membership: 89 paid members + 7 lifetime = 96 total


10 Expired in Jan

Sean Crist

Steve Digaudio

Jack Enz

Michael Eversole

Gregory Hird

Robert Hockenberry

Chuck Hoover

Alan King

Don Mangel

Brennan Walker


6 Expiring in Feb

Hector Arocha

Cris Chandler

Dennis Downey

Larry Kozlowski

Andy Krut

Sean McAllister


Two new members  – Raleigh Roule & Dustin Jewell




Public – 665

Official – 69

Twitter – 621

Instagram – 137




Budget being presented for vote

Proposed budget for 2018 was presented, and questions taken.  Maurice moved to approve, Larry seconded.  Motion passed unanimously


Bears at Large-


Birthdays in February are as follows:

  • Mike Hellman – 02/04
  • William O’leary – 02/16
  • Jacob Piercy – 02/19
  • Andy Krut – 02/21
  • David Eichelberger – 02/28


Social Events-


Bi-monthly switch between Happy Hour/BOTP March will be BOTP, April will be Happy Hour, and so on.


2/24 – Bar Night (Mardi Gras)

3/7 – Pizza and Bowling

3/10 – Bears on the prowl

3/13 – Membership Meeting

3/18 – Coffee Klatch

3/24 – Bar Night (Kilt Night) – we will have a contest, Larry will try to line up some prizes.  This will also be the first boots to balls for the charity.



Shepherd wellness      flyers to hand out

Proud Haven               flyers to hand out

Asking for donations items for df basket ( already have 2 basket ) Potentially use the budgeted money to buy alcohol for in the basket.

March bar night kilt contests  prizes needed..plus volunteers for boots to balls


Larry presented information on both charities, and took questions.


Larry moved to vote for the charity; Maurice seconded.

Unanimous vote for Proud Haven as the charity for 2018.


Mike moved to end the meeting, Maurice seconded…motion approved unanimously

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