January 9, 2018 – Membership meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

January 9, 2018



New Board Makeup

Christmas Party – largest turnout in some time. As the group continues to grow we may have to check into having the party elsewhere. We may also have to look into capping or discontinuing the gift exchange in the interest of time.

Christmas Eve – Volunteers contributed to the dinner hosted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Pride  – Mike moved to register for Pride asap Marcus seconded, approved.  This will allow us to participate in Delta’s workshop, which will get us a cloth tablecloth with our logo printed on it.   Maurice & Mike will head up the pride committee, and hope to launch it later this month, with the committee in place by the end of February; potentially meeting March, April & May. The committee will work on planning out the two days, come up with ideas for giveaways for the table.

T-shirts – in place of having a contest, having an official 25th anniversary design created.  More detail to come in Feb.

Bylaw Committee – Chip will send out an email by the end of the month for volunteers for the committee.

Thrive check presentation at Jan bar night

2018 Charity Discussion (Held at end of meeting)


Options to be voted on next month

Proud Haven

Shepherd Wellness Center





Membership total 96 Paid Members + 7 Lifetime Members = 103 Total

21 Expiring in January

Pete Worth*, Brennan Waller, Mark Thompson*, Johnathan Pugh*, David Pfeiffer*, Don Mangel*, Joseph Magdic*, Alan King, Chuck Hoover, Robert Hockenberry(TT, should renew), Gregory Hird, Mike Hellman*, Ken Haywood*, Kammi Gallagher*, Michael Eversole, Jack Enz, Steve Digaudio, Sean Crist*, Joe Castellani*, Dale Boyd*, Dave Ambrose* (*14 should renew)





public 650

official 72

Instagram 137

Twitter 619


Membership minutes page has been brought up to date with August through December being posted.




Bears at Large-
1/15 Donald Nardelli
1/19 Mark Pagliai

1/25 Joe Castellani
1/26 Terry Funk


Social Events-


January Events

1/3  Pizza and Bowling

1/9  Membership Meeting

1/13 Bears On The Prowl – Main Event 8p-?

1/21 Koffee Klutch (Changing Name – Mike [Coffee Klatch])


coffee klatch
or coffee klatsch also kaf·fee·klatsch
A casual social gathering for coffee and conversation


1/19 Happy Hour – 6-8p at 5801 to line up with their special

1/27 Bar Night – Luau Theme



Raised 30 for party favors for luau night ..

Proud Haven apt this Thursday

2 more charity for info lined up but haven’t heard back .

Delta workshop Jan 20 for a logo tablecloth

On board

Pride sign up for committee/ fundraising plan.


Mike moved to end meeting, Dale seconded…motion passed.

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