September 12, 2017 – Membership meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

September 12, 2017


President Report


Kevin’s Resignation – Chip’s new role

Rumors and Hearsay (Maurice)

Do not discriminate (except for 21)

Mission Statement:

The Burgh Bears are a non-profit social group for bears and their admirers, and allies, created to both promote social/recreational activities for its members, as well as charitable fundraising for the local community. The Burgh Bears are an equal opportunity/affirmative action group that embraces all forms of diversity, not limited to attraction, disability, gender identification, race, religion, and sex. We are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but have members from many surrounding states, and our electronic membership is worldwide.

You make the group, get more involved.

Current Board Makeup


Board nominations

Board changes (Motion placed)

Fundraising – in charge of fundraising and being contact for our charity

Secretary/Web/IT – combining into one. (Update bylaws)  Larry presented motion, Mike seconded.  Motion to vote during October’s membership meeting; carried.


Thrive – current state, Start considering charities for next year (Proud Haven)  new contract is Eric, youth programs director.

Ideally looking for suggestions in late November, early December so the membership can vote in January.


Membership Report


Current Totals: 86 Paid Members, 7 Lifetime for a total of 93 Members

Bill Faust and Lee Volk expire in September, already renewed.

Lost Donald Nardelli in August


Now is a great time to really try and bring friends to events. Many things going on over the next couple months and may be able to drive our membership total by the end of the year.

Christmas Party and Member Only events

Members Only Facebook Group (Membership’s responsibility to maintain)


Treasurer Report


Motion to increase budget for Xmas gifts from $250 to $500 Jeremy introduced the motion, Johnn seconded. Motion approved with no dissent.

Motion to remove Kevin Truscott from bank account Jeremy introduced the motion, Mike seconded.  Motion approved with no dissent.


Web/IT Report

We finally have ALL the passwords, and have been able to update the group photo on the home page.


The Happy Hour & Bears on the Prowl events will be updated monthly on the website.  Also we are planning some extensive remodeling on the page.


Facebook – 626

Instagram – 122

Twitter – 615


Bear at Large Report


9/1 Michael Eversole

9/3 Pete Worth

9/7 William Gebauer

9/19 Gary Fenchak

9/26 Randy Dicks




Social Events Report


Successful recent events

Hangry Bear (Members Only Dinner), 3 restaurants up for vote soon. Looking at Oct 25

Bowling at Princess Lanes…motion to stay there? Larry introduced a motion to move to princess lanes, David seconded.  Motion passed without dissent.


9/15 Happy Hour – Cruze 7pm-9pm

9/17 Koffee Klutch 2pm-5pm

9/23 Bar Night 10p-2a – Bare Leather (Fundraising for club)


Next Month

10/4 Dinner & Bowling

10/10 Membership Meeting

10/14 Bears on the Prowl – Phantom Fright Nights

10/20 Happy Hour– to be decided

10/22 Koffee Klutch

10/28 Bar Night – Halloween Costume Contest (Fundraising for Thrive)

Drag Show Benefit for Thrive – Date TBA


Mike moved to end the meeting Johnn seconded, passed without dissent

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