October 10, 2017 – Membership meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

October 10, 2017


President’s Report-


Motions to update the bylaws to change the board positions as brought forward


Board changes (Motion placed)

Fundraising – in charge of fundraising and being contact for our charity

Secretary/Web/IT – combining into one. (Update bylaws)  Larry presented motion, Mike seconded.  Motion to vote during October’s membership meeting; carried.

10-10-17 Hector moved to make the changes to the bylaws, Mike seconded.  Motion passed.


Board Meetings held in public spaces and announced ahead of time.

Membership Meeting. Keep at Blue Moon? Consider having it at an eatery.

Holiday Volunteering – Brandon McCormick and the Sisters reached out to us about preparing a dish of about 125 servings for them to serve to at a dinner they are having 12-23 for the homeless.

Harassment of members will NOT be tolerated.


Membership Report-


Current Membership: 93 Paid Members + 7 Lifetime = 100 Members!

Expired for September: None!

Expiring in October: Tom Josephi, Keith Snyder, Todd Springer, Kevin Truscott, Doug Whye, Sean Taylor, and Mark VanDervoort (Tim Broadwater and Brian Moats already renewed)Lee,


Members Only Facebook Group will go live soon

Hangry Bear Event – Tessaro’s- 10/25 at 7pm. 25 seats. Email sent out. Please RSVP.

Christmas Party – Members only! Email and Private Facebook event will be done with all the details. 12/1 at 7pm. Address will be sent to those attending.




Facebook- 625

Instagram- 129

Twitter- 616


Treasurer’s Report-


Lee, Chip & Jeremy went to the bank ~ two weeks ago to have Kevin & Lee removed from the account, and have Chip added.


Bear at Large-



10/4 Russ Parkinson

10/4 Dale Boyd

10/7 Bill Faust

10/18 Larry Kozlowski

10/21 Nick Duranko

10/25 Troy Wilder


Social Events-


Oct 10 membership meeting (Board nominations)

Oct  14 bear prowl  is at phantom fright nights AT  Kennywood.

Oct 20 happy hour at Cruze  (Promote/Shouts)

Oct 22 koffee klutch panera

Oct 25 new    Hangry Bear membership dinner.. Tessaros in bloomfield  was the winner ..25 slots  send your reply to the email chip sent  to rsvp to hold your slot  ..

Oct 28 Bar night halloween theme contest – Larry has 3 (with one more promised) P-Town gift cards that will be used as prizes, and will ask about additional gift card.


Maurice motioned to set Armstrongs as standing dinner location, Chip seconded motion passed

Nov 1 bowling  princess lane / Armstrong’s

Nov 11 bear prowl — See Thor, and go to Dave & Busters afterwards.

Nov 14 membership meeting – voting will start and run through the end of November

Nov 17  Burgh Bears  happy hour?

****  Nov 18 drag fundraiser at pt — can do a bingo event before to raise more money.  They have queens volunteering to perform.  All money raised will go to Thrive.  Bill & Lee may be willing to do a basket.  Goal to have three baskets minimum; one from the club and the other two from members. Jay & Larry are collecting donations to make a basket.


Larry made a motion for the membership to make a basket Mike seconded.  Motion passed.


Nov 19 koffee klutch Panera bread

Nov 25 P-Town Flannel night.

Reminder NOTES to bring up

Dec 1 first Friday  xmas party…

Drag Show Nov. 18. Officially confirmed with both Michaels and Jeff at Ptown. We will send out shouts and post event. Joe will make graphic.  Volunteers to Make a baskets to raffle off.  Outrageous Bingo was also suggested.


Jay received a call from Camp Davis asking if we are coming next year, they would like us to have the same weekend as this year to coincide with another group that is having an event the same weekend.  Jay will email the exact date to Chip.


Larry got a text Circle JJ about doing a bear weekend next year.


Board Nominations-


Nominations presented at the meeting. Will continue taking nominations through October.

Please nominate seriously. Person nominated must accept.

Voting will be done online from 11/1-11/30. New board will be announced at holiday party.

As the group grows, we want to see more involvement. Even if a board position may not be for you, there are other ways you can help out.


Bear at Large(s):

Jordan – nominated by Mike – accepted

Dale – nominated by Maurice – accepted

Hector – nominated by Maurice – declined


Social Events:

Larry – nominated by Hector, CJ & Sean – declined

Maurice – nominated by Chip – accepted

Jay – nominated by Larry – accepted



Larry – nominated by Mike & Hector – accepted



Jeremy – nominated by Maurice & Hector – accepted



Marcus – nominated by Jay – accepted



Jay – nominated by Larry – declined

Mike – nominated by Hector – accepted



Chip – nominated by Hector & Mike – accepted

Sean – nominated by Hector – declined

Larry – nominated by Troy – declined



Nominations will be accepted through October 31.


Mike made a motion to end, Maurice seconded – motion approved


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