November 14, 2017 – Membership meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

November 14, 2017



Nominations for board are officially closed. Candidates are as follows:

President:                    Chip Barnes

Membership:               Mike Reiss

Jay Thigpen

Secretary/Web/IT:       Marcus Knopsnider

Treasurer:                   Jeremy Lott

Social Events: Maurice Gage

Jay Thigpen

Fundraising:                Larry Griffin

Bears at Large:           Dale Boyd

Jordan Smithson


Light Up Night instead of Happy Hour possibly going out for drinks after if people are interested

Drag Show Saturday night, with all proceeds (performers tips) going to Thrive, this will be our last big fundraiser.  Lee, Troy, Jay & Larry are providing baskets in addition to the club and P-Town.



Current: 94 Paid + 7 Lifetime = 101 Total

Expired in Oct: Tom Josephi, Todd Springer, Sean Taylor, Kevin Truscott, & Mark VanDervoort. Tom indicated to Larry that he intends to renew.

Expiring in Nov: Garry and Jeff Altavilla, Chris Arter, Claude Mauk (Cesar & Esteban renewed)

Hangry Bear – on backburner until next year possibly February.

Christmas Party email was sent out, and there is a private Facebook event everyone should have been invited to.






Facebook- 640

Twitter- 615

Instagram- 135



Any motions needed to make purchases? Do we need to spend the money now?

Where are we for Thrive?





Bear at Large-


Have a cupcake!



11/1 Richard Bender

11/3 Doug Palenica

11/5 Marcus Knopsnider

11/8 David Pfeiffer

11/12 William Kofalt

11/13 Thomas Dumez

11/21 Larry Griffin

11/22 Doug Whye

11/29 Mark Thompson

11/30 Christopher Pryor-Shiloff



Social Events-


First want to thank everyone who made it to movie night and d&b night ..

Nov 14 membership meeting at blue moon   (Nominations for board openings are officially closed)


Nov 17  light up night meeting at market square in front of chipotle at 6:30


Nov 18 drag Benefit For THRIVE at ptown starts at 11

Will have some baskets to raffle off for thrive 5-6


Nov 19 koffee Klutch 2-5 at panera center ave


Nov 25 burgbear bar night at ptown theme is Flannel night.

The TRLC are coming in support of our bar night  plus it a  boots to balls fundraiser  for Thrive night


Dec 2 sat  xmas party… ( chip put out email for rsvp 1 of nov please rsvp with the email or facebook member page only )


Get ready for

Dec 23  bar night ugly sweater night …lands on  sat before christmas currently set as a club fundraiser night



Candidate Speeches-

Candidates for the board will have the opportunity to present a 3 minute presentation as to why they would like to be on the board. Strictly voluntary. Speech should also be written so it can be sent out to members that aren’t preset. If anyone would like to have a excerpt of their speech included in the email Chip will be sending please email it to him.



Speeches were made by:


Dale Boyd – candidate for bear at large

Larry Griffin – candidate for fundraising

Maurice Gage – candidate for social events

Jay Thigpen – candidate for membership and social events

Mike Reiss – candidate for membership

Chip Barnes – candidate for president



Mike moved to close & forcefed cupcakes.

Troy seconded


Motion approved, with Bill decenting  😛

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