December 12, 2017 – Membership meeting

Burgh Bears Membership Meeting

December 12, 2017



Voting is now closed. Results will be announced at the end of the meeting.

Drag Benefit was a huge success

Christmas Party

Member gift

Christmas Shelter Donation (Mashed potatoes and gravy)

Jay made a motion for the club to buy the supplies to make mashed potatoes for the Sister’s dinner.  Troy seconded, and offered the use of his Restaurant Depot card to buy the supplies – motion passed unanimously

Robert’s Rules of Order and Next Year’s Goals

Work on updating the bylaws to streamline some things and take more advantage of current technology.. i.e. Online voting, as the bylaws currently stipulate in-person voting.  Josh has offered to help with issues related to following Robert’s Rules.


Dale suggested possibly a Valentines theme meet & greet event.  Possibly allow guests to bring a non-member to the event.



97 Members + 7 Lifetime = 104 Members

Expired in Nov – Chris Arter and Claude Mauk

Expiring in Dec – Bill Morris



Facebook – 651

Facebook (official) – 71

Instagram – 138

Twitter – 620




Jay brought up checking to see if the check presentation to Thrive could be at bar night.


Bear at Large-



12/4 Randy Sams

12/15 Brian Moats

12/15 Howard Murray

12/18 Sean McAllister

12/19 Thomas Johns

12/21 Michael Reiss

12/26 John Salveson


Social Events-

Want to thank all who helped bring baskets for thrive drag show plus our board member for doing a part in it ..raised $$$ for thrive

Want to thank everyone who attended and help with our membership Christmas party ..

Counted 51 total of  who attended.. (It was more than 51,  if you count the guests, we had 61)-Chip


Dec 15 Happy Hour at 5801

Dec17 koffee klutch panera bread

Dec 23 burghbears bar night at ptown (ugly sweater)


Jan 3  Bowling …Armstrongs and princess lanes .

Jan 9 membership meeting at blue moon .

Jan 13 bear on the prowl (               )

Jan 19 Happy Hour (                    )

Jan 21 koffee klutch panera bread

Jan 27 burghbears bar night at ptown (                    )


2018 Board Election Results


President- Chip B

Membership/VP- Mike R

Secretary/Web/IT- Marcus K

Treasurer- Jeremy L

Social Events- Maurice G

Fundraising- Larry G

Bears at Large- Dale B & Jordan S


Maurice motioned to end, Sean seconded unanimously approved.


Individual Board Position Results:

Total Votes: 66



Chip Barnes – 62

Write in Candidate – 4 (Larry Griffin)


Mike Reiss – 56

Jay Thigpen – 8

Write in Candidate – 2 (Hector Arocha, Mark Thompson)



Marcus Knopsnider – 65

Write in Candidate – 1 (Pete Worth)



Jeremy Lott – 66


Social Events:

Maurice Gage – 47

Jay Thigpen – 18

Write in Candidate – 1 (Randy Dicks)



Larry Griffin – 60

Write in Candidate – 2 (Randy Dicks, Anybody but Larry)

Did not vote – 4


Bears at Large:

Dale Boyd – 61

Jordan Smithson – 54

Write in Candidate – 1 (Mark Pagliai and Sean Christ)

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