August 8, 2017 – Membership meeting

Burghbears Membership Meeting

August 8, 2017


President Report

Old vs Young – After the board  talking extensively, about old vs young, went back to our mission statement, and will continue to adhere to this.

The Burgh Bears are a non-profit social group for bears and their admirers,  and allies, created to both promote social/recreational activities for its members, as well as charitable fundraising for the local community. The Burgh Bears are an equal opportunity/affirmative action group that embraces all forms of diversity, not limited to attraction, disability, gender identification, race, religion, and sex.

New Programs Starting – We are proud to bring the following programs to the bear group.

a.) Bears on the Prowl – the second Saturday of the month we will be doing “Bears on the Prowl”. This event will be different every month but it gives us an opportunity to have an all inclusive event on a weekend that does not involve being out extra late or going to a bar, which has been requested by several of our members. Our first one will be miniature golfing and going out for ice cream. There has already been an event posting made with more specific details. For September 9, we are looking into going to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival. We will have an event posting with specifics posted after August’s event. For October we are thinking about doing a Haunted House. This event is one that is definitely up to our members to decide what is done each month. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions, please reach

out and let us know.

b.)Bear Happy Hour –  take place on the third Friday of every month starting August 18 at 5801, there is an event posting with more specific details for that one as well. We are hoping to try different bars and venues each month for this as well. Again, we are open to different places we can visit.

c.)Foodie Tour – there has been interest in us doing a night out with the intent of trying different local eateries to appeal to the foodies in the club.

We are trying to have more regular events set up so that there is plenty for our members to do, and also make sure that we cover all facets of our membership. We want enough different events set up so that every member feels that there is something that appeals to them. We do not expect our members to attend every event, but we do hope that this provides a way for people to try new things, maybe step out of their comfort zone a little, as well as have options in which events they feel like attending.

Camp Davis Camping Event – is upcoming event Aug 18, 19, 20, 2017  Please contact Camp Davis to make reservations, more information will be talked about in social events time.

Labor Day Picnic

Membership Report


83 Paid Members + 7 Lifetime = 88 Total members

1 expiring in August – Donald Nardelli

2 expired in July – Mark Difilippo and Edward Falenski


Ptown Drag Show – September 15 11:30pm

Happy Hour – Possibility of permanent place at Cruze


Treasurer Report


A copy of the report can emailed to you by contacting


Web/IT Report


Facebook – 619

Instagram – 104

Twitter – 620


Bear at Large Report



8/12 Lee Volk

8/13 Chris Arter

8/13 Richard Krug

8/16 Maurice Gage

8/24 Claude Mauk


Social Events Report

Want to thank everyone that came out to club pittsburgh for thrive fundraiser

This past sunday event


Aug 12 7pm





Aug 18 Burghbears happy hour .

This month bar choice is 5801

6-9 pm



AUG 18 19 20





AUG 20 koffee klutch

Panera bread 2-5 pm

Center ave location


Aug 26 burgh bears bar night.

Ptown superheroes themed  …



Sept 3 membership  labor day picnic.

Members only picnic

Members will get email of where and time ..

Members can bring 1 guest per members with a dish and  $5 per guest .


Sept 6 pizza bowling

Issues with time change..

Possibly Change venue

Princess lanes open till 11pm  no deposit

Motion to try princess for bowling in Sept, motion carried.

Will hold up to 4 lanes if we want

Forward lanes open until 11    with  50.00 deposit if we want lanes held..

Arsenal  lanes open until 11    with 50.00 deposit would drop deposit after we bowled a while to show we are committed.


Sept 9 Bears on the prowl

reconnaissance festival

Time to be decided


Sept 12 membership meeting

Blue moon 730 pm


Sept 15 bear’s on the prowl

Happy hour

Bar the be decided .


Sept 15 drag show at ptown

1130 pm (fundraiser)



Sept 17 koffee klutch Panera bread

Center ave


Sept 23 burgh bears bar night

Ptown leather night themed .



Oct 14   Bears on the prowl

(ideas )

Oct 20   Burgh Bears happy Hour

(bar choice)

Greg manager want a permanent Happy Hour at Cruze Bar..

Brewers want us to do a event on  wed leather night ..


Motion to end, motion carried

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