July 11, 2017 – Membership Meeting

Burghbears Membership Meeting

July 11, 2017

President Report

Pride – Ordering earlier, doing the t-shirt contest earlier. More pride like prizes.

T-shirt Contest – Will use the rules that Lee provided, with some changes

Circle JJ Ranch – this weekend, only  tent camping left, we will have some type of contest there.

Camp Davis – All electric sites have been booked only non-electric sites are left, foam weekend

Bar Night, August – superhero themed – fundraiser for thrive

Membership Drive. We need to be working our events with a tablet and offering the benefits of the club. Next couple bar nights we will set up a table. We can offer information as well as possibly sell shirts and glasses. Several new people have been coming to our events as well as some old faces. What can we do to get them to join? Any other ideas to increase membership?

T-shirt and glasses: How can we move these? We have roughly 33 shirts and over 90 glasses.

Online store setup. Work with Marcus to get that rolling by Sept 1.

Business Cards – motion to purchase new business cards to hand out. – MS -(discussion of possibly being a trick card)  look into Tim Pike making them. Up to $75.00 – one Nah Passed

Ptown Drag Show Thrive fundraiser with Miley Rheagan Michaels and Sonia Maybottom is a go. We are looking at September

Bears on the prowl – second saturday.  Starts Aug – 12 various themes Decide at this meeting, Mini Golf at Kneiss, Main Event, etc.

Burgh Bears Happy hour 6-8 – third Friday starts Aug – 18  6-8 at 5801 – discussion about not interfering with anything else in pittsburgh, but reassured the membership we are doing them with our schedule.

Also discussed a membership only  events in the future.

Membership Report

Total Members: 80 Paid, 7 Lifetime for a Total of 87 Members

Expired in June: Randy Dicks, Jon Mattern, Howard Murray

Expiring in July: Chip Barnes, Mark Difilippo, Edward Felenski

Treasurer Report

A copy of the report can be emailed by contacting finance@burghbears.org

Motion – to remove Lee Volk from the Signee Card and add Chip Barnes – MSP

Web/IT Report

Facebook: 601

Twitter: 610

Instagram: 89

Bear  at Large Report

Ken Hayward – 7/4

Kammi Gallagher – 7/11

Dave Ambrose – 7/13

Don Mangel – 7/17

Dennis Downey – 7/23

Chris Tracy – 7/25

Sean Crist – 7/26

Koffee Klutch  – Decision was made that koffee klutch does not require a board member present.  The description of koffee klutch will be expanded to include that the room is reserved to congregate and mingle.

Social Events Report

This coming up weekend

Burghbears invading Circle JJ in July 14 15 16

July 23  New date Blue moon Bear Pageant

Judging by ?  Will put it up on facebook

July 26 P Town bar night ( Beach Night Theme)

Boot to balls for Thrive .

Aug 2 pizza bowling at vincent pizza nobletown bowling

Aug 6  Burghbears fundraiser at

Club Pittsburgh rooftop bbq . For details look at the posting on Burghbears  facebook

Aug 8 membership meeting. blue moon

Aug 18 19 20 Camp Davis Burghbears campout weekend with bbq pot luck on sat 4 to 6

Aug 20 koffee klutch . Panera bread  center ave

Aug 26 burghbears bar night at ptown bar.

Adjourned, Had dinner at Stinky’s bar

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