Membership Meeting – June 13, 2017

BurghBears Membership Meeting

June 13, 2017


President Report

Marcus Knopsnider announced as acting secretary for the rest of the year.

Pride – I would Thank everyone involved in working for Pride whether it be planning, booth or walking.  You all worked well together and got the job done extremely well. Special shoutout to Sean McCallister for the signage and new logo.

Motion – To pay up to $100.00 to Sean McCallister for the signage used at pride.  Apv- MSP

Special shoutout to Larry Griffin for fundraising. Many of our expenses for Pride did not come out of our budget thanks to Larry and we also have giveaways for campgrounds and Club Pittsburgh that we can raffle off during our next few events.

Circle JJ Ranch – July 14, 15, 16 – Burgh Bears invading the camp, cabins are sold out, tent space available.

Camp Davis – Aug 18, 19, 20 Burghbears invading Camp Davis, tenting available.

Motion – to spend up to $41 to provide drinks for the potluck. Apv-MSP

Club Pittsburgh – Will be hosting us, as we do a fundraiser there for THRIVE, more details to follow.

Ptown Drag Show – Planning on a drag show hosted by Miley Reagan Michaels and Sonia Maybottom. All proceeds to go to Thrive. Looking toward late summer/early fall. More info soon.

T-shirts – Only 2 people left to get their preorders. We are out of a couple sizes the website will be updated soon to reflect that.

Online store setup soon. T-shirts will be available through website again by the end of the week. Glasses, buttons, bumper stickers, and pens will be added soon as well. Any money raised will go to the club to help cover more events. Also at many of our events we will have these items available for sale going forward.

The board is looking to set up two more regular monthly events starting in July. Happy Hour and Bears Night Out (different each month, movies, mini golf, etc.)

Ask Membership for help with any other ideas of events or ways to fundraise for Thrive. Now with Pride done, we want to make sure we keep coming up with fun new ideas for the remainder of the year.                                                                          

Membership Report

Paid: 79 Lifetime: 7 Total: 86

7 Expired in May: David Brunot, George Edgreen, David Eichelberger, Ken Fulton-Resig, Gary Horstmann, Michael Martin, Robert McGinnis

3 Expiring in June:  Randy Dicks, Jon Mattern, Howard Murray

Pride netted us 4 new members as well as 2 renewals! Only 6 members up for renewal from July through September, good time to do a drive for new members! CBL

Treasurer Report

A Copy of this report can emailed out by contacting

Web/IT Report

Facebook – 597 followers 10 new ones from Pride weekend!

Twitter – 612 followers (Largest audience, if you use twitter please hashtag us and add pics)

Instagram – 81 followers

T-Shirt page is currently a place holder directing people to check back; once there is a new count I’ll update the paypal info to include the inventory settings which will prevent people from ordering a size once the stock is exhausted.

Bear At Large Report

Robert Hockenberry – 6/2

Robert Holland – 6/18

Jeff Altavilla – 6/19

Garry Altavilla – 6/20

Mark Hopkinson Jr – 6/25 (New)

Brent Kelly – 6/27 (New)

Tim Broadwater – 6/27

Alan King – 6/28

Esteban (David) Paniagua-Laconich – 6/28

Justin Weiss – 6/28

Social Events Repor

June Events

June 18 koffee klutch

June 24 bar night at ptown (Rainbow Night)

June 25 help support Bear pageant at blue moon (lee going to be a judge !!)

July Events

July 5 pizza/bowling vincent’s/nobletown lanes

July 11 membership meeting blue moon

July 14 -16 weekend camping Xmas in july outing at circle JJ

July 16 koffee klutch

July 22 bar night at ptown (summer swim wear ) boots to balls – clu

August Events

Aug 2 Pizza bowling Vincent/nobletown lanes

Aug 6 club pittsburgh rooftop BBq fundraiser still in planning

Aug 8 membership meeting blue moon

Aug 18 -20 camp davis bears in foam weekend with burghbear hosted potluck on sat 19

Aug 20 koffee klutch

Aug 26 bar night ptown (theme in planning)


Adjournment  MSP


The bears went to eat at Church Brew works

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